Legacy Academy

(Academic Support)

Educational Learning Plans (Ages 8 – 18)

Legacy Learners education staff provide individualized learning plans for homeschooling families and for families that need additional academic support in addition to school.

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Legacy Well-being

(Behavior Therapy)

ABA Therapy (Ages 3 – 21)

Our Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) use evidence-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) structured technique with an emphasis on Natural Environment Teaching (NET) and Pivotal Response Training (PRT). We deliver therapy through direct services 1:1 and as well as indirect (parent/caregiver coaching, care coordination, and small group) to implement the individualized treatment plan.  Our therapists focus on skill acquisition, increasing adaptive behavior, decreasing maladaptive behaviors, and behavior maintenance across different settings and people. We work together with families to create child and family centered behavior plans that increase socially significant behaviors. 

Caregiver Coaching (Parent Training)

Our Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) offer parent coaching as part of our direct services treatment plan or as our indirect service model. We hold weekly meetings with parents to enhance the interventions being addressed during direct therapy service sessions or to coach caregivers through implementing the interventions themselves. We review your child’s treatment plans and discuss care coordination plans.  Research shows when parents get involved kids learn faster, they generalize lessons from one environment to another, and parents extend the amount of learning time a child has access to. 

We Service the following Washington Counties:


We Service the following Virginia Counties:



City of Alexandria

ABA therapy services, we are in-network with Anthem ​​Healthkeepers Plus Medicaid (VA)

Legacy Living

(Community Programs)

Community Programs (Ages 10 – 18)

Legacy Learners partners with community organizations to offer Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math programming with a focus on environmental sustainability. Our group learning programs are geared towards 10-18 year olds. We believe in being inclusive of neurotypical and neurodivergent developing children. 

STEAM in the garden

Kids food art cafe

Creative Solutions

Legacy Leaders

(Business Incubation/Youth Business Alliance)

Legacy Leaders (Ages 10 – 21)

Legacy Learners offers a youth entrepreneurship program for historically excluded youth to teach them how to create and grow their own businesses. 

Therapeutic Consultation

(Virginia only)

Therapeutic consultation services are designed to assist the individual and the individual’s family/caregiver, as appropriate, with assessments, plan design, and teaching for the purpose of assisting the individual enrolled in the waiver. We provide expertise in behavioral consultation to assist family members, caregivers, and other service providers in supporting the individual in need of these services.